Other Search Training Available

We've used an example of Search to outline what is involved with our training, below the example you can find a list of other types of training we offer.

Search Techniques

While the search techniques included exist as good practice, those delivered for each event were those which met perceived threat and were locally justified by both legislation and policies. 


The range of techniques included:

Person Searches Metal Detector, Metal Detecting Portal, Bag Searches, Bedroom Searches, Dog Assisted Searches (proactive search dogs), Pat Down Searches, Rubdown Searches, Clothing Removal Searches Visitor including Contractors and Staff Searches.

- Non-Person Searches venue, room, open areas, vehicle, Dog Assisted Searches (reactive search dogs)

All techniques delivered are those that have been evidenced as good practice within both the public and private sectors.

Search Event Format

Following the consultation process of threat, need, numbers requiring training, time frame available the event format was one of the following:

- 1 day search awareness training
- 2 ½ day search techniques training
- 5 day dedicated search team training
- Training for Trainers

Note: All formats included observation, demonstration & practice of techniques delivered.

Search Event Content

Lawful Justification
Local Policy
Definitions of Search
Staffing A Search
Dealing With Refusals
Dealing With Finds
Recording A Search
Codes of Practice
Searching Religious Artefacts
Threat Drugs
Threat Homemade Weapons
Threat Weapons
Threat Escape Equipment
Threat Firearms
Threat Explosives
Pat-Down Search
Rub-Down Search
Metal Detector Search
Clothing Removal Search
Dog Assisted Searches
Multiple Team Searches
Planning A Search
Search Roles
Room Searching
Multiple Room Searches
Open Area Searches

Search Training For Schools
Search Exercises

Included within the cost of events are examples of templates relating to search for example search records and find forms. Following the event customers are able to retain these for ongoing use or as aides to developing their own documentation should they chose to do so

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