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Our Mission

The Excel mission:


Our mission is to provide cost-effective bespoke solutions to meet local needs.

We aim to deliver bespoke solutions to address a customer's identified needs that will remain appropriate to the environment and fully meet the requirements of relevant legislation, standards and policies.

We aim to ensure through consultation during the creation and delivery of solutions that they are, and remain, relevant to meeting those identified needs. 

About Excel

Excel Training Solutions, unlike other providers, creates and delivers cost-effective products to specifically meet local needs avoiding the assumption that one size fits all. 

We have 40+ years of support to both the public and private sectors. Our experience includes support to NHS Trusts, The Special Hospitals (Broadmoor and Rampton), Secure Children Services, The Police Service, HM Prison Service, Private Sector Healthcare Providers, Medium and Low Secure Mental Health Services (Public and Private sectors).

Who We Are


Chris Harden


Throughout my employment history training has been a core function within the positions I have held.

The final three years of my 12 years’ service in the Royal Engineers were as an instructor of my trade (Lithographic Printer) at the School of Military Survey. Due to the nature of a post held while serving in Germany I held full positive vetting security clearance. 


On leaving the Army I began a twenty-six-year career in HM Prison Service. During this as a Senior Officer, Principal Officer and Operational Manager (Governor Grade) I held several training related posts which included Operational Trainer – Senior Officer & Principal Officer the Prison Service College Newbold Revel, responsible for the development and delivery of security & incident management training to both prison staff and external agencies. Area Training Co-ordinator London Area & Headquarters, responsible for ensuring effective training support for London area prisons (8) and National Headquarters staff, Operations Manager Training Team South responsible for ensuring effective training support to all establishments in the areas of Kent Surrey & Sussex, Thames Valley Hampshire & Isle of Wight, South West. Employment within HM Prison Service required a full CRB (DBS) check, in addition to this I received enhanced security clearance in order to manage and operate as authorising officer for the local Management of Human Intelligence Sources system as required within the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (R.I.P.A.).

Following the Prison Service, I was employed by Partnerships in Care, a private sector supplier of secure Mental Health Services in England Wales & Scotland as the Group Security Officer. This role had not existed until this time therefore once I had created policies relating to physical, procedural, and relational security I developed and implemented staff induction and annual refresher security training. In order to evidence compliance with the relative legislation and standards I developed an audit tool and a core competency framework for all frontline staff. The framework was supported by an individual training needs identification process and training materials for the potential areas of competence required by role. Prior to taking up the above post my application was subject to an enhanced CRB (DBS) check.

In addition to my employment history, for ten years I managed my own training company. We designed and delivered bespoke training including training for trainer’s packages to a variety of Secure Services such as Broadmoor and Rampton Special Hospitals, NHS Trusts and Secure Children’s Homes. I closed the company as the requirements for travel of my role with Partnerships in Care meant that I would no longer have had the capacity to maintain the standards of the services previously provided.