Hub Model

Hub Model

Elevated levels of consultation for a 12 month period with the delivery of an agreed number of standard courses at specified “Hub” sites.

Training Delivery

A staff development event designed to be combined with other risk mitigation strategies, which aims to reduce the risk of unauthorised items including knives being brought into schools.

Participants can include:

School staff that have agreed to conduct searches and have been authorised to do so by the Headteacher

12 per Course + 2 Observers

Example Observers

Policy owners (Headteachers) 

Members of The Board of Governors & PTAs.

The Training event will include: 



Practical exercises in search – observation, demonstration, practice and competency confirmation.

Techniques included – person, items carried and metal detector searches.

Each Hub acts as a center for developing locally appropriate policies, protocols, procedures, documentation and good practice for The Mitigation of Risk - Knives in School Through Search & Confiscation.


Once developed good practice is shared between the Hubs and The commissioning authority.

In addition each Hub will act as a training venue for delivery of  The Mitigation of Risk - Knives in School Through Search & Confiscation for 12 participants and 2 observers.


Each Hub will allocate places for the training either from local staff or staff from similar educational establishments.


Note: The techniques have been updated to ensure the safety (Covid 19) of all persons through social distancing.

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