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Meeting need by providing cost effective bespoke

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cost effective bespoke solutions to meet local needs.

We aim to deliver bespoke solutions to address a customers identified needs that are appropriate to the environment and fully meet the requirements of relevant legislation, standards and

We aim to ensure through consultation during the creation and delivery of solutions that they are, and remain, appropriate to meeting identified needs. 

Why Excel?

Excel Training Solutions, unlike other providers, creates and delivers cost effective products to specifically meet local needs avoiding the assumption that one size fits all. 

We have 40+ years of support to both the public and private sectors. Our experience includes support to NHS Trusts, The Special Hospitals (Broadmoor and Rampton), Secure Children Services, The Police Service, HM Prison Service, Private Sector Healthcare Providers, Medium and Low Secure Mental Health Services (Public and Private sectors).


Our experience includes, but is not restricted to the following:

- The management of security within secure services, physical,
procedural and relational/dynamic security
- Incident investigations and root cause analysis
- Incident Management including contingency planning, business
resilience planning and the NHS Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and
Response (EPRR)
 - Maintaining professional relationships including counter
manipulation and conditioning
- Self-Audit and Action Planning in order to evidence compliance
- Staff competency assessment 
- Compliance with legislation relevant to installation and use of CCTV
- Secure Services Conversion Male Services to Female Services
- Preservation of Evidence
- Development of Policies, Protocols and Procedures
- Inquest Awareness
- Intelligence Management 
- Information analysis
- Risk Assessment Processes
- Search Training

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